Name of the Collection                         :           Weighing and Measuring Equipments.

Period                                                  :           1700A.D. to 2000A.D.

No. of Articles Collected                      :           More than 2000.

No. of Articles displayed in website      :           950.

No. of Photos in website                      :           338

Name of the Articles                            :           Wooden, Copper, Brass, Tin, M.S., Sheet, Alloy

                                                                        Metal, Dry Measures, Oil Measures, Conical

                                                                        Measures, Peg Measures, Bullion Weights,

                                                                        Commercial Weights, Cast Iron Weights and Beam

                                                                        Scale, Counter Scale, Platform  Scale, Personal

                                                                        Weighing Scale, Dial Scale, Postal Scale, Spring

                                                                        Scale, Lab Scale, Measuring Tapes.




                 *   KARNATAKA STATE

                 *   MAHARASHTRA STATE

                 *   GOA STATE

                 *   ANDHRA PRADESH STATE

                 *   KERALA STATE

                 *   TAMILNADU STATE

                 *   GUJARAT STATE

                 *   RAJASTHAN STATE

                 *   UTTAR PRADESH STATE

                 *   WEST BENGAL REGION

                                                                           (WEST BENGAL SATE, ORISSA STATE,

                                                                           JHARKHAND STATE, CHATTISGARH STATE)

                 *   BRITISH RULE INDIA

                                                                             1.      MANUFACTURED IN ENGLAND

                                                                             2.      MANUFACTURED IN INDIA

                 *   METRIC SYSTEM IN INDIA

                 *   FOREIGN COUNTRIES

                                                                           GERMANY, USA, JAPAN, FRANCE, CHINA,

                                                                           PAKISTAN AND OTHER COUNTRIES



Collection and Maintenance of Weighing and Measuring Equipment :
Basavaraj Yalamalli, Davangere.

Photography :
Rajashekar Rattihalli, Bangalore.

Co-Photographer :
Kotresh, Chinnu Photo Studio, Davangere.

Page Designer :
Chandru Graphics, Vasantha Road, Davangere.

Web site Incharge :
Honnappagowda N.K. Honnashree Computers, Santhebennur.

Web Designer :
Gopinath, LEO Graphics,

1st Main, 1st Cross, K.T.J. Nagar, Davangere. Cell : 93417 06599 

Website Sponsor :
Tulabhavan Trust (R), Davangere.

Co-Sponsor :
Shankar Enterprises, 252/2 Chamaraj Pet, Davangere.

Collection and Preservation :
Basavaraj Yalamalli, Davangere.
Lingaraj E.H. Nerlige.
Raghu T. Davangere.
Naveen N.R. Nerlige.
Santhosh Kumar Srivastav, Agra.

Sanjay Zingade, Davangere.

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